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The Primitive Wizardz originated thru our collective need to express truth in a time of kaos. We took the original riff fromĀ Men@work‘s Downunder started messin’ around and as Gumpy does he returned with the gold.

We have all done many things, from Gumpy being the first HipHop Artist – Mighty Big Crime signed to a major label 25 years ago and Dom Hogan being the second DMC turntablist Champion in this country as well as hosting his local/global show on PBS 107.6 for the last 13 years.

Me well, I am a freestyle poet known as the Jackyl. I make tunez called RastaFunkBuddhaTunez, they are Phat. I Freestyle 4 the way I feel after it. I love sharing it. Sometimes you can see the future…The other tracks are “your not the only one” with B4BC feat Ant,Uma & G. The last track is “Searchin'” with Miss Madhu and produced by Ben Last, we call it The PeaceAngle, please enjoy.


band members

the Jackyl, Gumpy, Dominic Hogan