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Promise is a 25 year old new and exciting artist, born in Kenya to Ethiopian parents in Kenya, until he moved to Australia at the age of 11 and started honing his skills, promise has a unique and exciting story.

Featured on the THCtv Mixtape Volume #1 released in 2017


Appeared on the THCtv Mixtape Volume 2 featuring Greeley, Dunn D, Reflekt, Wombat, Promise, Mr Muller, Flylacine, Nibs, Fusion, Fierce, SkurgeOne, Kelly Hood, Rowdy, GLOX, Burd Brain, Verse Comp, Topski, Menz, Otis Que & Huon, Young Tom, META, Draz, Luna, Jake Smith, Tricky Nicky, Mr Lucky Rase and Cizzle Dizzle