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Proto is a hip hop artist from North Stradbroke Is. off the coast of Brisbane who brings alot of different styles to the table. He’s been in the hiphop scene for close to 4 years now and is nothing close to a standard run of the mill lyricist and brings a lot of energy to the stage. He pushes himself and puts every emotion and feeling into his words whether it be happy, angry, sad, hyper, scared, personal or truthful. His influences come from many different genres of music which shows in his work. Loving everything from hip hop to heavy metal, pop or reggae you can feel protos influences are from a wide range of artists such as Eminem, Bob Marley, 2pac, Avenged Sevenfold or even Ed Sheeran.
After releasing his first demo tape late 2012 he gained interest both locally and nationally by handing out hundreds at festivals and also having the tape online for free download. He’s since been mastering his skills by rising in the battle rap scene and performing at every event possible. By free styling, writing daily, battling, uploading new songs regularly, playing gigs and the odd English study its safe to say he does everything possible to build his lyricism to the full extent for any situation he wants to be involved with.
His 18 track full length mixtape “The Roller Coaster” was released on July 22 2014 and has had nothing but great feedback. It has features from over 7 hiphop lyricists/rappers ranging from Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and then some with production from all around the world. The mixtape was also mixed an mastered by Ciecmate a hip hop veteran who has been active in the scene for over ten years so the quality is sure to impress.
After releasing the roller coaster gig opportunity’s started rolling in for the up and comer and since then he has supported both national and international artist’s such as Kerser, (one of Australia’s biggest independent artists), Smacktown (SYD), Locksmith (USA), PHfat (South Africa) and many more. He also played at the last Island Vibe festival before the release of the last CD and got great feedback from the crowd.
Hes currently working on a very anticipated LP which is soon to be released and also an EP which is planned to be released this year aslso.
So with an unmatchable work ethic and determination to be the best, Proto with no doubt has a bright future as an Artist and is a name to look out for.