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A bullet an inch from his spine didnt stop him.
A knife in the lung couldn’t stop him and neither could consecutive prison terms.

Australian MC Pug D (Formerly Dougy Doug) is a fighter and he’s here to leave his mark on the urban landscape.

After years as a certified hip hop fan Pug’s career as an MC began while he was serving time in the NSW prison system in 2004/05.

As fate would have it he met fellow MC and KP Records founder Big Dave Parsons and the two became friends over a few freestyles at Goulburn and Long Bay jails.

Impressed by Pug’s unique voice Big Dave went on to sign him to KP Records in April 2008.

Like the mans life Pug’s music career has been made up of ups and downs and since signing on at KP it has been live shows and recording sessions between stints in prison.