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Bio The Physics of Quantum by Zac Loy His work as a music producer and an artist is best described in two phrases, ‘Twisted’ and ‘Much loved’. Quantum, a Tasmanian rapper celebrated locally by a loyal following of die-hard fans, has had a long and arduous journey fighting his way up the ladder of success. Although he still has a long journey ahead of him, it appears that the tides may be changing for Quantum as he matures as an artist and continues to expand his range of work with bigger and better projects already in the pipeline. Quantum’s assertion into the music industry began in 2004. His love of rap music overpowered the boring conformities of school life as he teamed up with high school friend and fellow rapper Josh Armitage to write rap lyrics and create their own beats. In 2006, his obsession and constant experimentation with rap music took a step further as Quantum formed the rap group Elusive Crew with his friend and fellow rapper Flip. On the side, this love affair with hip-hop spawned an interest in break dancing, which led to the formation of Crown Element Crew (a name handed down by founding members Oxcyde and Effekt). The crew consisted of three b boys, Quantum, Flip and Fuse and for the next year the group performed at several clubs and competitions across Tasmania earning them a formidable reputation as break-dancers. In 2007 Elusive Crew were officially ready make their mark in the music business with an independently produced 6 track EP they had recorded throughout the year. However, an unfortunate splitting of the rap group meant that the EP tragically was never released. At that point Quantum’s rapping aspirations took a minor step out of the spotlight and he focused more on his newfound love of break-dancing. In 2008 Quantum’s second breaking crew was formed with 3 enthusiastic members, Quantum, Wolf and Rhyno. The crew’s name was Dead Monkee Crew and it continued to grow over the next few years with an assortment of b boys joining the crew and a healthy line up of successful gigs and battle in Launceston and Hobart. In 2009 the crew adopted the name of Quantum’s first breaking crew Crown Element and with its newest members b boy Smoke and b boy Jase, there are no signs of the group coming to an end any time soon. Never the less, Quantum’s love of recording his own music was never far from his thoughts. With an eagerness to get back on track and a simple but effective bedroom studio set-up, Quantum began work on his next album, an LP produced and released under his own record label Green Spectre Records. This lengthy affair finally came to fruition in early 2010 with the official launch of Quantum’s first LP titled ‘Freak Like Me’. Along with a great number of tracks self-produced by Quantum himself, the LP also includes production work crafted by Melbourne based rapper/producer and friend Oxcyde with an additional contribution of a single track from Ciecmate. As the title suggests, the album was a audacious exploration of twisted concepts and confronting ideas that most rappers would not dare to tackle. With a focus on the darker and hilariously disturbing side of life, the album was well received locally with a lot of positive feedback. The most popular song on the album was Quantum’s self-produced Positive Plus Sign, a song that comically ridicules the type of women seen in rap videos who are willing to give up their dignity just to get attention. Proving to be so popular, Quantum approached his friend, writer and director Zac Loy to produce a music video for the highly celebrated track. The video has finished production and is awaiting final release. With the pending release of Quantum’s second LP titled Comic Asylum, the budding young artist is aiming for an entirely new standard of production value and an even more daring artistic vision with deeper, edgier material showing off his more serious side. Of course there will still be a sense of mischievous twisted fun interweaved throughout the album with tracks like ‘Clown Nation’ a hilarious up send of the metro sexual fad currently spreading across Australia. Quantum’s music has something for everyone and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of this daring rap artist in years to come.