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One cannot choose to ignore or pigeon hole the magnetic appeal of Radical Son. David Clive is a musician, an artist, and an individualist. With one foot on the modern pulse and the other planted firmly in the roots of music, David maintains a stance for a simple and raw beauty.

For nearly five years, David has been crafting his own sound, writing, performing and recording. His first studio album is a powerful social statement that also lets us in on his inner struggle. The adage “The pen is mightier than the sword” would be a simply perfect way to summarize his lyrics. He is also gifted with a voice like no other, described by some as a cross between Isaac Hayes and Michael Franti. This combination of lyrics that cut you to pieces and the deep rich tones that soothe makes him a unique and exciting new talent.

He makes music for the people; people who are aware of the world’s greater goals and who are unimpressed by political mediocrity. David knows he can make a difference with his music.

The single “Wicked”, off his debut EP, has achieved national airplay and been named single of the week in Melbourne’s Beat Magazine. David has also been a Deadly Awards nominee in 2006-7.