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Formally known as Rahjconkas “Pronounced Rahj-Conquers” from the duo Mr Hill & Rahjconkas (Put The Work In – Telescope). Rahj has a huge list of artists and albums he has contributed either production,beatmaking or vocals. Rahj has decided to work on his solo ep over the past years along with other productions in the works. The first track off the soon to come Ep is Let it go Ft. Urthboy. The Ep is set to appear only a few guests with past collaborators.


At the age of 21, Rahjconkas has produced his first album and is close to releasing his second. Opening for major hip hop acts around Australia, and featuring his beats on up and coming artist’s albums entering the industry, Rahj has an alternative soul hip hop style. At a young age, he started off as a drummer in local bands around his home town, Wagga Wagga NSW, which moved his music motivations into a funk style genre. This increased his knowledge to create beats which helped developed a musical ear to create his own. As a solo artist, he started to produce his own beats, samples and lyrics with major influences including Muph and Plutonic, Urthboy and Seth Sentry. Rahj currently works for the Riverina Community College helping local youth to find their own place within music, teaching and producing artists in the area while studying business management.

At the release of his first album, ‘Just Like That’, Rahj also produced fellow hip hop act ‘Emcee Noyz’s’ (The Construction of Sound) album under Rahj’s own label, ‘Conka Productions’. Over the last 5 years Rahj has been on the roads around Australia, performing in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and areas surrounding of his home town. In that time he has shared stages with 360, Seth Sentry, True Vibe Nations, G.I.R.L and numerous local acts. More recently he has opened for artists such as Urthboy, Jane Tyrell, Mantra, Phrase, M-Phazes and Muph, in which he has formed strong friendships with many of these artists. Also, Rahj has been working closely with Phatchance, Coptic Soldier and Johnny Utah (Featured Triple J Artists), along with joining their tour for a short time. Since then Rahj has expanded his beat sales to artists within America, Canada & New Zealand.

Through this time spent around these artists and growing within his musical talents, Rahj feels like he has found his style which is reflected on his soon to be released second album, ‘The Search Party’. Rahj describes his next release to be on a whole different level to his last album. It conveys a lot of alternative sound mixed together with soul, jazz and rock, along with featuring artists mentioned in this bio. It’s hard to express the concept of this album in words; Rahj feels that his audience will find an answer to ‘the Search’ by listening to each song. He describes that in the lifespan of humanity, technology has overcome feelings/ethics and hard work, which he feels is a lost lesson to civilisation. Had saying that, Rahj being his own person feels something missing on a day to day basis. Whether that is technology, friendships, love, hate or if anything that can be a form of closure. At some point you have to question yourself… Will technology ever fill that gap?

Rahj is a proactive, motivated, confident, intelligent, inspirational and down to earth individual that has the ability to become a well known icon in the music industry. Given the opportunity, Rahj will be able to make an impact and be remembered for his own beliefs, production and unique sound. He is clearly an artist that is ready to take on this scene.