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Raise – solo artist and member of RFK Posse.

  • Raise “In Between The Lines”

    Raise: A graff track about how passionate and dedicated true writers are. When I was introduced to it [graffiti] in London I was hooked like a drug! It’s all I thought about, cared about, a way of life few will ever understand. Peace to Run For Kover crew, twenty-five plus years. I still love the chorus – Rakim, J-Live, Rammellzee – dope!

    Like most of The Essence [released on tape in 1996] I took my loops to Prowls and Jase – a bunch of W30 discs – and said to Idem, ‘Let’s put that with this,’ and he’d program the track. I left my discs with Jase to produce a few tracks for me, and when I heard my Freddie Hubbard loop made famous on 32 Lines I was like, ‘Damn!’ Some made their way onto Money Walks too, but it’s all good. They’re classics and I was proud to be part of it.