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A life long pianist, composer and singer. My ideas are often Cheesy, fun light and accessible. My messages are either out to be entertaining and squeaky sincere or deeper and all that lurks there. I grew up with pop and Jazz, but also loved stage and theatre, so for me it was Michael Jackson, Oliver Twist, Mozart, Stevie Wonder and then I say Jeff Buckley live, started hanging out at the Annandale Hotel, then the Lansdown and formed an indie band to release cross overs that sounded like Crowded house meets Jeff, now I am into production, have a few stable instruments, and a tight set up to record my pieces. I also Collaborate with local artists and have formed a Collaborative arrangement where % of ownership is given as people contribute. For example I will give a video-grapher 20% ownership of a song, and we sign a contract then produce a youtube video. In this way I can collaborate all over the world. I have some contacts in N.Y and today, instead of writing this, I should be prepping something to send over so the guy over there can produce his Rapper. Oh, i swing from Jazz to Ballad, rock, punk and hip hop. Oi! Thanks reading. Voice – Baritone Tenor Backing vocals – Yes orchestral and ensemble arrangements – Scored or record Degree in Music Ba. Music + NSW Uni. Stage Piano – Rd700GX Daw – Logic Audio Piano – Ronisch upright (1884) tuned and regulated. Video – Final Cut Pro – Chroma Key, layer Distribution – International Distributor Distrokid. Label – Independent (MizziMusic) Nationality – Australian born (Maltese Parents)