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Reason – his 2011 album ‘Solid’ was the first release on Obese Records.  Reason – an indisputable forefather of the Australian hip hop scene as we know it today; has announced his retirement after releasing Window of Time on November 4th 2011. Though he is not short of qualities, perhaps Jason Shulman AKA Reason’s strongest virtue is his ability to bring people together.
appeared on the compilation Culture Of Kings Volume 1

I grew up in a middle class area. In the early 80’s the notion of hip hop came to fore and there was a presence of breakdancing, tagging and graff in shelter shewds, and people spinning on their heads in the playgroud. That’s when I got attracted to it. The whole influence comes not only from peers, but also from the culture we were emulating. It was something I embraced, and still continue to embrace but on a whole new perspective – a truly Australian perspective

The Australian music community has become receptive to hip hop. We always need to stay one step ahead and not dwell on our own backyard. We need to look at the world in a wider perspective. If we continue to progress musically, our attitude stays positive and Australian hip hop artists will prosper.

Featured on Culture of Kings Volume 1 released in 2000 on Obese Records

Featured on The Formula released in 1999 on Wild Child Productions – cassette only.


Featured on Culture of Kings Volume 3 in 2003