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Arriving as successful artists from numerous other projects, this duo brings together a wealth of talent and ability. As artists, their careers include many national and international tours and popular album releases. Having performed at festivals including Big Day Out Festival and Glastonbury Festival in other projects, these gifted artists are blessed with a strong sense of creativity and musical skill. Introducing Red Bantoo – A Fresh collaboration combining the forces of Simon Durrington and Dan Brown. Red Bantoo presents a potent sound of Electronica and Jazz, beat driven and soulful tones. Hand picked vintage samples and crafty beats combine vibrant live elements for a modern, innovative and atmospheric sound. Working with a number of instrumentalists and vocalists, Red Bantoo draws upon a rich variety of live players to create their luscious tones. The project successfully melds together studio sounds with live playing. Based on the east coast of Australia in Byron Bay, this seaside village provides a creative landscape of artists and musicians. Inspired by local surroundings and an abundance of creativity, Red Bantoo distills the essence of the area to create their smooth and charismatic music. Both artists met each other in the area and having come from different backgrounds instantly recognized the potential for the project. Red Bantoo’s live show is an adaptable mixture of sequenced and live music. Utilizing studio material and improvised elements, Dan Brown and Simon Durrington present a versatile, yet captivating performance. Dan Brown is a keyboard maestro, synonymous with dynamic live performance and studio sessions….combined with Simon Durrington’s substantial skills as a producer and live player. This is reinforced by having worked with The Bird, Regurgitator and The Resin Dogs. Red Bantoo’s live show consists of keyboards and samplers, showcasing their skilled use of instruments. This results in a dance floor friendly and rich musical experience.