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R.3.B, also known as Red Eye Balaz is a four-piece rap crew from Cairns, Far North Queensland. The R.3.B sound combines styles from old school Hip Hop with Reggae and Dub vibes, creating their unique tropical flavour.

a loose collective of hydro-huffing hip-hop heads to which Zone Doubt and BSK belong. Yet BSK says he became so disillusioned with the commercialisation of hip-hop that he ended up running a reggae radio show instead.


“I like militant music,” says BSK, who broadcasts his weekly reggae show on Cairns’s Indigenous radio station, Bumma Bippera media 98.7FM.

“I grew up around reggae music, like Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley. I like the militant side, ‘Buffalo Soldier’, those kind of songs. It makes you feel strong for who you are.”

Like Marley, BSK grew up half black and half white, caught in limbo between the two worlds.

“You hang out with the white people and you’re not white, and you hang out with the black people and you’re not black, so you’re like on both sides of the fence,” he says.

Like Marley, he also lacked a father figure. “My father passed away when I was 10,” he says.

BSK’s brother, Elijah Raymond, says: “There is a lot of death in my family – close to one a year – so it’s hard to move on when you haven’t mourned the last person, when the next person goes.”

Elijah, who records under the name Elijah The Profit, or ETP, raps in “So Far Gone”: “How can we move on when all I see is casualties?” He also raps about their father’s death on his song “One Day (Fade Away)”.

  • HiiiSOUL are a gathering of Hip-Hop artist’s coming from the tropical coast of Far North Queensland. We will not be sub-classed. Hip-Hop from Australia, Not Australian Hip-Hop