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  • Remi-Dean Ryan (Remi-D) is an Australian Hiphop artist from Wollongong NSW now residing in Melbourne VIC Australia. Founder of Rap group Bluntz Kush Endo a 420 proud experimental group which broke up in 2016. After B.K.E was dismantled Remi-D went on to being a solo artist and studying at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, this is where he would go on to meet Bigg Vu and Jackson (Cherry Jackson) Grant who would soon become his business partners and fellow artist. After Co-Founding Run Records in Sydney he went on to follow his dream to move to Melbourne where he would then release his debut project Sedatives which majority of tracks would be produced and Ft. Bigg as well as two tracks with Cherry Jackson. Remi-D has opened for the likes of The Pledge Empire crew (an american record label) with Ced Linus as well as supporting and opening for Coast & Ocean and up and coming Australian legend. Remi-D uses his struggles in life with poverty, depression, drug addiction and street life to motivate his music and his hustle mentality as well as bringing his love of multiple genres and history in the metal scene to mix with his crazy and comical personality to bring his own experimental style to his music. Remi-D is constantly adapting and is always working on new music following his 16 bars a day ritual.
  • –¬†Founder of Rap group Bluntz Kush Endo
    Co-Owner of NomadicSoundsAus.
    I go by The Remi-D “Remedy” when solo.
    This is just some fun stuff i do, I dont know much about editing so all stuff on hear is just experimental.