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Renegades of Raw are OG emcee Optimystic & up-n-comer MelloDian MC. Both of who are about Hip Hop and preserving it’s purity and richness through music.

Renegades of Raw MC’s OptiMystic and Mellodian first met on the set of the OptiMystic music video shoot ‘Madd Rush’ with Onyx. Mellodian was part of a Krump crew and featured in that music video. MelloDian confessed to Mystic that he also raps… and both did feature verses for each others projects.Then the two hooked up and formed the Renegades of Raw. They wanted to create something Australia hasn’t seen before, full of energy and raw lyricism.

Messaging lyrics to each other, saw them create their first track ‘Rumble Rap’ and a live music video. In less than a year they had created their EP… ‘Partners In Rhyme,’ produced by Rob Shaker, Loftwah the Beatsmiff and Gimmix. A single shot music video for single Puttin In The Time, sees OptiMystic and Mellodian go back and forth with rhymes…. a style that is prominent throughout there releases. The EP also includes ‘IBDMC’ featuring legendary US MC Canibus.

Live the Renegades are hyped and all about fun and getting the crowd involved, with previous supports including Dizzy Wright and Stormey Coleman (Outlawz).

Now the Renegades are working on their full length album featuring new tracks with Endemic Emerald joining the production team, and featuring guest MCs like Rush Wepiha and Mic Handz.

Energy, energy energy is the Renegades of Raw. Gelling that energy to come together as one force… the Renegades of Raw, creating a raw boom bap hip hop sound with something fresh while keeping it real.

MC’s OptiMystic and Mellodian Production by Rob Shaker, Loftwah the Beatsmiff, Gimmix and Endemic Emerald