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Reverse Psychology since 2002 when Mr Nat, Diamond Jack and Luger, avoid school, smoke.

Decide to record first tracks on bad computer.

Now have better computer. Music improve.

Mr Nat like Psychology. Diamond Jack like History. Luger make music.

Group try not make listener bored.

Tornts, Kool G Rap, The Doors, Masta Ace, DJ Shadow

Reverse Psychology formed somewhere around 2002 when Mr Nat, Diamond Jack and Luger were avoiding school in a smoke-filled bed room listening to rap records. They recorded their first tracks on Luger’s dodgy computer and from then on have been striving to constantly perfect their sound. The combination of Mr Nat’s love for psychology and Diamond Jack’s obsession with history creates an eclectic range of lyrical content rarely heard in hip hop. They’re outsiders to the Australian hip hop scene in which so much music seems to be made to fit in…