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Australian MC, Hiphop artist. Ricardo De Castro was born in South Africa and moved to Australia at a young age.He was raised in Cairns and is heavily influenced by hiphop and rock. Started writing songs thirteen years of age and has progressed to a high artistic quality in content and lyrics.He is currently 18 years old and has built his own home recording studio to express his emotions, thoughts and art through the mic. “Verbal Weaponry”, collab mix-tape will be his first project to be released with the hopes to gain fans who see his clear vision, or those who just enjoy the music as it is. Ricardo De Castro is filled with variety and used to rap under a stage name but only recently to redeem his name on the mixtape to his birth name. He believes his music has become more personal and real with subject matter that he sees no idea and point in using a different name. You can follow him on FB or subscribe to his youtube page and many other sites.