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ve been watching Russ over the years mainly as a fan of his Sound systems he puts together, they are ledgendary and he has no hesitation in bringing out the big guns if need be. Not only down for Hip hop jam he also gets behind alot of rallies and protests – not afraid to speak up or get involved and is always there to lend the soundtrack. He can mix, he can scratch, he can get a system sounding bang on and he stands up for what he believes in which is something alot of people in general may talk about or type about on social media or whatever – this guy actually gets his hands dirty by getting out there amongst it with one of his soundsytems of course. I admire Russ for his knowledge, his drive and he the fact his still wants to turn the party out in any kinda weather, not forgetting the fact hes been doing this for 30 years plus..

Salute to Russ! – Jarrod Fox