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Sceptic, Dseeva & Dj Skae
Self confessed addicts of rap Sceptic & Dseeva are the frontmen of Sydney’s KWITS Crew (3 releases from 2006-2008) and founders of Sub Conscious Records (13 releases from 2007-2011). Their impressive catalogue of Psykotik Realm Rap indulges in an array of styles to suit any mood; from their well known strut mentality, obscure sound and topical choices, to revealing their heart-felt emotions and insecurities. Sceptic & Dseeva received local love with their debut Hip Hop Psykosis LP in 2007, acquiring rave reviews and radio-play nationwide. Consistent energetic shows backed by DJ Skae and presence on Sub Conscious Records releases and Sydney compilations (including Bring It! with the legendary Sereck and Lightsounds’ Circuit Breaker 2), has confirmed Sceptic & Dseeva to be “definitely ones to watch in the near future” [3D World]. The duo gained international recognition featuring on Grimz’ Global Warning LP (UK) and Krhyme Syndicate’s The Lyrical Suspectz LP (Canada). The Sub C Baby Mixtape by Sceptic & Dseeva dropped in 2010 – 26 tracks deep with remakes over hip hop classics and production by Dseeva, Myth 4 and Scott Mackie, with cuts by DJ Skae. Sceptic & Dseeva continued to oversee various releases from the Sub Conscious Records roster, featured on Stealth’s Tenth Anniversary Compilation and performed at countless shows Australia wide. 2011 sees Sceptic & Dseeva’s proudest work to date, their sophomore LP, Calm Before The Storm – with 13 producers from all over the globe and an equal amount of local features. The boys demonstrate an ever evolving, mature style of hip hop over 19 tracks, although still spitting their infamous harsh, brutal and somewhat humorous lyrical assaults they are so well known for. Dseeva brings a raw, energetic and almost narrative-like deliverance to compliment the complex, street-conscious and rhythmic wordplay from Sceptic, showcasing extreme musical diversity to all hip-hop audiences and enthusiasts. Tracks range from the partying, rock influenced “Hip Rock”, smooth, radio-friendly “Hey Girl”, to the street feel of “Omerta” and the loop-driven beat on “Pants Round My Ankles.” One side a listener can be lost in the conceptual tales of sheer clever lyricism (“Shut My Eyes”, “Realisation” and “Middle of Nowhere”), feel Sceptic & Dseeva’s pain on solo tracks such as “Miss Ya” and “Untouched” and gee up to the murder-rap sounds of “War” and “Iceman”.

I have been into hip hop since I was about in year five. NWA’s Greatest HitsIce CubeBootlegs and B Sides and Snoop Dogg Doggystyle were the first things I started listening to with my sister in her car. This was also my first listen to sub woofers and how I fell in love with hip hop and the big bass. – Dseeva

started freestyling with the boys, and the turn of a new century marked my obsession with rap as I entered the realm of hip hop. Was first influenced by gangster rap like Doggystyle, Bow Down, 36 Chambers, 2Pac. When writing I like to explore a more lyrical style like Rakim, Ras Kass, Chino XL. – Sceptic