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Hey Everyone. I am Dead Tooth. I’m a Rapper/Singer-Songwriter from the Southern suburbs of Perth, WA.
I began rapping with my friends over a few years ago sometime after playing Bass/Singing in my former band Atvena’s Wake, now it is one of my biggest passions.
I love Rock n Roll, my goal for a long time was to sing for a Rock band. I gained experience singing Tribute bands, Performing songs from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Silverchair and many more.
After a long hiatus from the music world, I am now ready to Rock the mic! My first EP is FINISHED with the help of Rob Shaker! the flood is on its way. Thanks for reading!

Rising from the outskirts of downtown Perth, Dead tooth has shot onto the hip-hop scene in recent times and is emerging as one of Perth’s BIGGEST up and coming hip-hop artists.

Inspired by the likes of the late Mac Miller, Eminem and The Hilltop Hoods, Dead Tooth continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of power, versatility and technical lyricism entwined with the raw melodic sounds of his infectious hooks.

Twice nominated for Hip-Hop song of the year (WAM) off his first two releases, he’s described as a breath of fresh air to the scene as he aim’s to revolutionise the Hip-Hop industry. With the successful release of his first EP ‘Falling Through Flaws’ earlier this year, with headliners ‘Navigator’, ‘Falling Through Flaws’ and ‘My Only Wish’, the man himself has been back in the booth working tirelessly on producing some of his best work yet.

Perfectly poised to take the next step in his musical journey, Dead Tooth is certainly one to WATCH this coming year…