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Serenity Uki found her second home on the stage after taking an interest in acting, dance and musical theatre at a very young age. Melbourne born and raised, her love of performance grew and at the tender age of 11, discovered rap. Inspired by rapper ‘Lil Bow Wow’, a Snoop Dogg protégé, Serenity began teaching herself to song write, rap and produce.
Performing at various hip hop gigs around Australia as artist ‘Senorita Sugar’, she decided to take on the challenge of Australia’s Xfactor in 2014 as a platform and medium for exposure. Recognized for her exotic funky look and edgy attitude. She ruffled the feathers of celebrity judges with her bold and sassy audition. She went on to finish in the top 10 as part of the Xfactor created group “XOX”.
In search for new inspiration and desire to develop her music career further, Serenity decided to travel around the world.
Her music is now a fusion of her soulful singing voice, accompanied by her new-fashioned rap. Serenity is fast becoming a prolific songwriter and music producer, crafting all her own lyrics and working in collaboration with other creatives to establish the final production and visuals.
Serenity combines passion for music with her spirituality, finding her divine life purpose to spread her message. Now only 21 years of age, Serenity says her music is for the person curious as to why we are here. Encouraging others to embrace themselves fully and shine their inner light. She challenges people to live in alignment with their higher self as the creator of their experience.
“Strive for your dreams and expect miraculous solutions.”
Her latest release “Walk My Way” takes us on a moving and entrancing journey. It is a beautiful glimpse of what this young blossoming artist will deliver us in the near future.