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His stage name was inspired by the Marvel comic book superhero, Sentry
there was a healthy dose of Australian hip-hop on the Texan stages with Seth Sentry and 360 representing Australia. The Melbourne-based Sentry made his appearance at the industry conference happen by winning a fan-voted contest to open the Doritos Bold Stage at SXSW in which fans were asked to pick which artist they deemed worthy via Twitter. The same stage saw Seth Sentry sharing the stage with the likes of  LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and Doug E. Fresh.

““I think for a while there, people in Australian hip hop were stuck just solely listening to one another,” he said in an interview with the BRAG around the release of his second studio album, Strange New Past. “It was that whole ‘support Australian hip hop’ movement, with the stickers and stuff.

“Australian hip hop is definitely a grassroots movement, and I think supporting one another is an important aspect of it. I just feel as though we were too caught up in that whole thing for a while. It kind of held us back a bit.”

In that same interview, Marton expressed a generally positive outlook on where the genre was headed. “I like where it’s at now,” he said. “I like that there are more people pushing the envelope. There was a period there where things were quite stagnant – I don’t know if that was to do with a comfort zone or maybe it was to do with fear of breaking out of a certain mould. I think, now, people are doing whatever the fuck they want. That appeals a lot to me.” – Seth