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“Reece Shookz is now responsive and conscious again.. He went from a really bad state leaving us all very worried over the past few days. Last time I was visiting in ICU I watched the mother of my friend have them take her off life support.. We are so thankful to know he has survived the ordeal as these things are very serious and he is SO lucky. Although he is with us again there is still a long journey ahead and we definitely want to release some of the best hip hop music this country has ever heard but are constantly being held back by the severe grief of death of our closest loved ones and a massive array of personal problems that aren’t really easily put into words and many people couldn’t really comprehend.. Just days before all this happened I was trying to explain to Reece Shookz some of the heavy burdens a few some of us are forced to carry and at the end of the day you are alone with them as they can be very personal not to mention completely menacing to the mind every. single. day.. This is where the music helps and we hope it helps you to if you can relate on any level as we all have to face LIFE, which has its inevitable endings and chaos. Reece still needs to get better and stabilize his living situation so this crap doesn’t happen again and the positive can, and to the full extent and that potential is beyond next level. So if you are still able to donate it would be much appreciated and we dearly thank everyone for their support through this hard time.. Everyone has been absolutely amazing. So far, this fund raiser has allowed his lovely mother and sisters (One of which who has not left his side and insisted they allow her to stay at the hospital! Bianca Garzoli) to arrange their travel a bit more comfortably without wondering where the next bit of money will come from in a place they have never been…! (A godsent, literally) As well as giving Shooks something he can use to get by during this time.. Even he said he didn’t want to be greedy but it is truly a time of need and there is to much talent on offer to waste.. I have watched him evolve as a human and of course musically for over ten years and he only keeps getting better.. He just needs some stable housing and fair custody of his child which he deserves more than anything!!.. I highly doubt this would have happened had he been offered that from the start and I personally find it disgusting behaviour on the other parties part as I am sure most would be (Another story).. We have a lot of great things planned this year.. Now by the will of god Shookz is back so they can continue to be possible.. Expect much of us collabing.. Fire for your sound system.. It might burn but it will be just fine to use again  ;).. I can not explain how much all your support is appreciated.. Thank you everyone!!” – Raymond Shaw