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After being in a rather nasty car crash in 1998, Sipn MC, a life long fan of hip hop, initially started writing rhymes as a form of therapy.

Featured on the Western Supremacy compilation in 2005

It didnt take long before he was totally hooked and after working on several demos and appearing in local battles he finally released Drinking Dialect in 2007.

Around the same time Sipn started working with fellow Perth local Bentman. What ensued were many gigs and two releases, The Adventures of (2008) and The Return of (2010).

Sipn is a member of Steele Beard alongside Paulie & Analog

After a rather long hiatus Sipn has returned to release Steele Beard in 2019 with producer Analog, with contributions from brother in-law Paulie. Sipn also appears on Analog’s EP Against The Grain on the track Modern Warfare.

Work has already started with Analog on a project entitled Pippen on a 40, which will focus heavily on head nodding beats and rhymes which paint images in the listeners head.