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Slumber Heights, explosive rap/rock duo from Sydney/Central Coast NSW


sounds like

King Farook, Eminem, DZ Deathrays

band members

Cody Mumford – Vocals Jethro Morris – Guitar + Vocals

They met in High School one misty morning in the depths of the music room, instantly spawning what they would later groom into the perfect collision of Good and Evil. Heaven and Hell. Cartman and Butters.
The two paths crossing, creating a mystical mind bending power that would later become…Slumber-mutha-fkn-Heights.
Any foe that stood between them and their vision would be struck down by the mighty hand of Zeus.”
“Since the beginning of time, twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they’re here to come again…in your earpussies.”


King Farook, Run The Jewels, Eminem, DZ Deathrays, Chris Cornell