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Smash Bros, a four man collective with two British members consisting of Fraksha, Diem, Scotty Hinds and Murky(rip).

The group helped popularise grime music in Australia bringing sounds that hadn’t ever really been heard in Australian hip hop. Melbourners like to think that their city is the most “European” in the country and the arrival of grime music through the Smash Bros seemed like a perfect fit. The authenticity of Smash Bros couldn’t be denied, especially boasting two MC’s who had come from the world of UK Grime.

This is one thing I think Smash Brothers helped influence into the Melbourne hip hop scene, an awareness of trends overseas and an emphasis on seeming credible. While Sydney has always had a solid quantity of music Melbourne, at least that side of Melbourne, had maintained that quality and credibility is the top priority. Smash Bros were the first to be doing live radio sets and introduced Alex Jones into the scene, regarded as one of the best spitters in the country. For me the Smash Bros are what I think off when someone brings up Melbourne hip hop. 900km’s north of Melbourne a different movement was gaining traction in Sydney.


2010 saw the beginnings of Smash Brothers – Australia’s first grime collective – featuring Fraksha, Scotty Hinds, Diem and Murky.



Performed at The Function Grime Edition with Smash Bros, Fraksha, Scotty Hinds, Diem, Alex Jones, Flimzy, Macca, JLP, Incivility, Yng Martyr, Psykey & Dj Slim