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Band Members
Sneake1: Member Of The TownzVillanz
– Around the age of six Sneak E 1 started rhyming with words that his mum had said. For example: ‘Go and get a fork’, she would say, then Sneak E1 would try and rhyme something with that. He grew up listening to artists such as N.W.A., Grandmaster Flash and 2Live Crew and was inspired by these artists rapping about their lives. Because of this Sneak E 1 decided to put his rhyming abilities into action. Sneak E 1 started getting serious about his writing and recording from the age of seventeen. His first recordings were made when he was lock up, but on the inside there was no recordings studio so Sneak E 1 was forced to improvise. With a CD/Cassette player containing a built in mic, Sneak E 1 looped an instrumental from ‘The Dogg Pound’ and began to rap. He turned his small space into a recording studio. When Sneak E 1 was released back into the world all he had was his freedom and his recorded demos, which he dispersed into the Hip Hop underground. The response would encourage Sneak E 1 to intensify his writings and recordings. In early 2004 Sneak E 1 lived the Western Suburbs of Sydney in Liverpool. One day he walked into the Hip Hop music store ‘Kool Sounds’ where he heard MC’s freestyling over an instrumental. Sneak E 1 jumped on the mic and started to freestyle. People stopped and listened and within minutes a large crowd was bouncing along with Sneak E 1.Which has got Sneak e 1 freestyling on jjj Hottest100 DvD an on Fox8 with Aussie Icon Brett Lee(Aust.Fast Bowler) and in the studio wit Rnb producer Jwess Sneak E 1 also been on stage with DMC Champ Dj Samri that was Hosted by Austrailian Idol James and Andrew G and jjj Hip Hop Host an Artist Maya Jupiter on Channel V, Sneak E 1 also been on stage with Recording artist,Beatbox Champ Joel Turner and at various venues between Townsville to Sydney(Along the East Coast of Austrailia). At this point Sneak E 1 was recognised as a genuine ‘Rap Artist’. Sneak E1 is Townsville born and bred and in Far North Queensland Austrailia he writes and records about the struggles of life, looking for the ‘sunshine’, and forever ‘looking for a change.’ He is the SNEAK E 1. In 2005, Sneak E 1 has signed a production/promotion/management deal with ‘Ginger Bread Entertainment/Urban Flava’, and together with Wild Blue Studios are completing a full multimedia package. The production team believes in Sneak E 1 as a person, an artist and a producer. Forty-one tracks have been scheduled for production during 2005-2006.