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From the day I was born music was always played at our house by dad on his old turntable so I was immersed in music from day one, I guess it must’ve imprinted on me because I’ve never stopped loving it from a child

When I turned 11 I hassled my mum for a full year to take me in for guitar lessons until she was over it and finally took me in, after seeing my cousin teach my older brother a few chords and tunes I became a bit obsessed with following in his footsteps

So I went to my first lesson and instantly became hooked, practicing every night and reading every book I could on becoming the best guitarist

Band Members
Sole Option
Home Town
Inner West Sydney
Record Label
Shok Revolva
Sydney mc Sole Option of Shok Revolva/ Next Calibre Crew
Album “The Next Best Time Is Now” coming soon ..

Released the ‘Heroes’ EP featuring Aeonic, Big Ty, Biggs, Brad Sabat, Christian Dean, HIQ, Isadora, Jah Tung, Jess Stillone, Johniepee, Piper Day & Sam Hunter