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While he’s the youngest on this list, Horrorshow MC Solo is an inclusion that few would argue with: Intelligent, razor sharp, sincere and equally as formidable with this flow as he is with melody. Those that know Solo personally will attest he’s notoriously thorough (read: slow) and his approach to songwriting is nothing short of meticulous. He’s a student of the game in the truest sense.

But it’s an approach that has worked pretty well for him – there aren’t many rappers in Australia that at some point haven’t been envious of Solo’s abilities or wished they’d written the song that he did. While many have tried, none can write the heartfelt, beautiful/sad love song like Solo, whilst having upper echelon bars that could stand up against any of his top tier contemporaries. His raps connect with people on a different level to most others, which is a big reason why Horrorshow lyrics are the most tattooed lyrics in the genre.