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Solomon Klepto aka Solomon Theta – appeared on the compilation Culture Of Kings Volume 2 released in 2002.

OK, for those who are generally interested in what Sol is up to – here’s the scoop.
Daniel and myself keep in close contact with the brother. Just saw him last week, actually. Caught up over some ten pin bowling (haha…nah, for real). Sol is really well. He is pretty much more occupied with things outside of music. Not sure if he wants his business out there like this, but hell… I got mad love for the brother and feel like if there are those wondering what’s up with him, or looking for more music from him, or are taking accidental swipes at him, then I should say a little something.
Here’s what’s happening…
The boy trains hard as muthaf*cka. MMA styles. Hangs with his lady. Still gives up time to hang with/ support/ teach wayward youth (and for that, he will always be respected). Still hangs out with Prowla. Still reps Dandy to the fullest. Still a vegan. And is still keeping an ear out on what’s happening musically.
I, too, am a big fan of his work, that is why he will be on the new Koolism album (The ‘Umu) this year.
There are a lot of misconceptions about this chap, but trust me, do not take his kindness for a weakness. Proper dudes know what’s up.
But yeah, in saying all that… I wish there was more Sol music out there. Actually, more people like Sol out there. – HAU
ummm Yeah Hau pretty much summed it up. Been Training Muay Thai and Grappling (wouldnt mind competing one day), chillin with the Mrs, working (like an ox) to save for a house, reading alot, watchin a lot of Docco’s (still lookin for anwers and meaning), still helping Young dudes with their writing here and there (want to get back to doing it on the reg).
Music… HipHop.. Yeah i still Write, but its more a Hobby. Believe me i cringe at some of things ive said and done in the past, especially wishin that HipHop would pay me back. i deeply regret sayin this, if anything i feel i owe HipHop more than anything. Will i make an Album? i dont know, maybe one day, il definitely do more songs though. i really dont care about making money from HipHop, and ive said of late, that if (if) i did ever do an album, i would make it available for dowload the day it came out. id be happy selling a cd or wax for cost price, just to cover expenses (so im not exactly record label materlal).
Yeah i made some wack decisions, got involved in some wacky organisations filled with wacky people but.. You live and You learn right?
anyways thanks for the caring i guess and to the people takin the piss out of me, thanks for makin me smile, i cant believe i forgot how bitchy HipHop was, lol
HipHop will always be appart of my life and now that i have a new registry, il drop by a little more often…

Appeared on the ‘Now You Know’ compilation in 2005 released on Nuffsaid Records