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A 2003 compilation of tracks by 17 Australian artists from around Australia who perform in over 20 languages, with code switching (switching between different languages in the one song) a recurrent feature. Compiled by Brendan Palmer, producer of the SBS Radio program Alchemy and prominent local and international DJ and electronica artist, Sonic allsorts demonstrates the linguistic and cultural diversity evident in Australian hip hop. Dale Harrison, a member of The Herd, noted that the album was both “born out of a need to represent other less emphasised elements of Australian culture, and to reclaim from the rampant
parochialism and jingoism the very idea of being ‘Australian’” (Harrison 2003). Sonic allsorts leads off with a track in Swahili by Sydney-based hip hop producer and MC Mr. Zux, followed by the French and Punjabi track ‘Eh Mate’ by Brisbane artist Prussia, and a Spanish rap by Adelaide-based Joel Castell. ‘Curse ov the Vulk Macedonski’ features traditional Macedonian music and MCing by Borsch from Curse ov Dialect. Sydney based Latin American collective Ila Familia, who released the mostly Spanish language hip hop album Pa’ mi gente (For my people) in 2004, are also featured on Sonic allsorts, along with Creator, a Tasmania-based MC from Sierra Leone who raps in French in this instance, but also performs in Mende, Creole and English. Sonic allsorts is much more than a curio – it raised the bar considerably in the showcasing of multilingual and multicultural Australian hip hop.

1 Mr Zux Msichana 3:54
2 Prussia (2) Eh Mate 4:01
3 Joel Castell ¿Que Paso Pues? 3:28
4 Curse Ov Dialect Curse Ov The Vulk Makedonski 4:12
5 Horny Keung End Repeat 4:44
6 Tufa Nursery Chant 4:06
7 Uskie Tense Air 5:08
8 Vassy Pourquoi Pas 5:05
9 Soul-Jah On A Little Prayer 3:45
10 Creator (7), The Music In French 4:12
11 Christian (63) Radio Cruise 2:29
12 Sustained Release Un Poco Mas 3:01
13 Koolism ‘Oiaue 4:01
14 Ila Familia Ven A Bailar 4:51
15 Morganics Multi Lingual MC 3:57
16 Anything But Roy Uber-Uber 1:43
17 Vir Asan Doli Chardean

Co-released by Noise, SBS Alchemy and Cyclic Defrost, Australian underground hip hop, electronic and avant-garde music magazine.
Distributed with issue 6 of Cyclic Defrost. –