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VISIONZ (emcee) and O-MEGA (emcee/producer) have remained dedicated and prominent members of the Adelaide/ Australian music scene since 1997. What started as freestyling and writing with mates for fun, eventuated into a lifelong passion that is continually progressing and has evolved into the lyrical juggernaut, which is Soul Elixr.

Their former group Headstrong Company released their debut album in 2008, which received immense underground success and airtime on TripleJ, Nova and Fresh. Having shared the stage with the likes of Redman, Raekwon, Method Man, M.O.P, Brother Ali, Xzibit, Foreign Beggars, Delta, Staen 1, Percee P and Def Wish Cast, VISIONZ and O-MEGA have made an infamous name for themselves in the live music scene.

Appearing on countless radio cyphers Visionz and O-Mega have also collaborated with a variety of other artists on their releases. These include Chris Bass, Mindfied, Battlehoggs, Joe Duigan, Traen, Bdeps, David L, Full Tote Odds and Ben Iota to name a few. The duo will now reach even further than the hip hop fan base with Soul Elixr. Listeners should expect technical wordplay tied with themes addressing love, turmoil, hope and hardship, all the while coupled with unique, powerful beats. ‘After 3 years in the making, this album represents an exploration of the soul.’ VISIONZ. Look forward to many more years of conscious and influential music made strictly for the real heads.