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Sounds, originally broadcast as Sound Unlimited, was a popular Australian television series featuring pop and rock music, live performances, music videos and interviews. It was broadcast on Saturday mornings, from 9 a.m. for three hours, on the Seven Network beginning in late 1974 to end in December 1987. For most of its run it was hosted by former disc jockey, Donnie Sutherland. It is often credited as the first of its kind in the world, created because Australia was too far away for artists to travel to for live performances.
Sounds Unlimited (initially without the plural) was the first live studio programme broadcast in colour in Australia from 1 March 1975.[2] Many local and international music artists appeared on the show. By May 1978 it was screened on 21 stations across the country. According to Sutherland, “When colour was starting, families would be in the shopping centres on Saturday morning and they would see our show – and a lot of our material was in colour. Not only did that help sell sets, but it also established Sound Unlimited in people’s minds.”[3] It broadcast the final public appearance, on 30 September 1978, of Australian rock’n’roller, Johnny O’Keefe, who died a week later, on 6 October.