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As Spacecadet Lullabies, Melbourne based producer Matt Lewin returns with a new release, Gardens (available September 2018). This 4 track EP is a departure from his previous instrumental albums and features the guest vocals of Tali Gal-on and Rachel Comte. Weaving together voices, acoustic instruments, found sounds and electronic instruments, Lewin creates dreamlike, song driven, downtempo trip hop. Lewin’s sound has often explored experimental ambient electronica, but Gardens finds him delving into textural, beat driven pop. Lewin’s elastic beats flow beneath shimmering atmospheric chords and Rachel Comte’s lush vocals on the lead single Hearts. Elsewhere Tali Gal-on’s vocals glide across glistening harmonics and the bent, subtle glitched beats in Wet Grass. “I called the release Gardens, as all the songs take place in some kind of imagined constructed form of nature,” Lewin shares his thinking behind the album’s title. “Each song is some kind of a garden that is sonically sculpted or left to run wild. In each garden, someone is trying to connect to someone or something to search for some sort of solace or peace. I think everyone can relate to that search at one time or another.”