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“Born in Manurewa, Steez Malase links with long-time collaborator and fellow Brisbane local Kei Leeza as they put their city on in the cinematic ‘Everything on IC’ music video, letting everybody know this is just the warm up. Steez Malase has been fiercely independent since kick-starting his career in 2013. With a passion for uplifting local upcoming artists in the Brisbane scene, Steez Malase releases a manifestation for 2022 with his latest single, ‘Everything on IC’. Produced by Brisbane-based, New Zealand-born Levine Lale, the bumping trap instrumental offers up the perfect palette for Malase and Leeza to deliver their ferocious rap verses. The music video, directed by the renowned Moonboy Studios, is serving up Mighty Ducks-inspired cinema. Endorsed by Starter ANZ, Steez Malase is doubling up in every aspect.”