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band members
Steve Allingham – Drums, Richard Buxton – Bass, Ishan Cooper – Guitar, James Orr – Saxophones + Vocals, Sonu Tolani – Turtables + Vocals, Daniel Zisin – Keyboard + Vocals, Nadav Zisin – Lead Vocals

Rock, jazz, LIfe

unearthed artists we like
Grassroots Street Orchestra, A Tribe Is Forming


An explosive blend of jazz, rock, funk, metal and dancehall with an undeniable dose of Hip Hop! “Still Thinking” is a seven strong outfit of musical pioneers from Melbourne town. With a uniquely Australian sound, their music is a boiling pot of ideas from a band of thinkers. Making B Boys break. Metal heads mosh. Hip hoppers bounce. Rockers rock. (And Emo’s really emotional). Seven band members, each with a strong message. Drums, Bass, Keys and Guitar make up the rhythm section. A healthy dose of Sax, Turntables, Samples and Rap completes the picture. Talented soloists, share the spotlight with stylized rhymes! Ass-shaking grooves, spontaneous sections, and catchy melodies will have you whistling in the shower. The debut album was released in April, and the boys are excited about getting back to the studio in 2007. Check out music, pics, tour dates and other random stuff on the “Still Thinking” website. You can get interactive on the crazy world of MySpace. Stay tuned…