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band members
Keith and Tim – Producers/MC, Arjay – Dj, Jonesy – Drums/Percussion

Anything original


Style High Club make hip hop for the thinker. Deeply introspective lyrics ride lush, musical beats to create a sound unlike anything else in Australia. Indeed, the Style High ethos is simple; smile and think, then write it down. Style High Club, complete with live percussion, have performed alongside Bliss n Eso, Delta, The Herd, Diafrix and many others over the past three years. The infectious fun of Style High Club’s live shows has seen the group’s fan base grow to the stage where over-capacity venues are becoming the norm. Anyone who squeezed into the Rhino Room sardine tin for the recent album launch will testify to the power of Style High Club live. With debut album Creativity Department out nationally, and recent tours to Victoria and News South Wales under the Style High belt, the future looks bright for these rapscallions. See what all the fuss is about at Creativity Department is out now in good record shops Australia wide.