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Pow! Negro is a six piece consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes.
– “This ain’t no drive Zone!?!”
The last words spoken by a dumb ass Ma-Fucker in the way of the crazy, Afro toting hoodlum. Known only by the 2 words heard by victims of his Sik-Ballz sound, Pow! Negro, before being knocked the F#%K Out! With his five humble disciples known only as, Monster Zero.
The tracks posted chronicle the mis-adventures of the young Mother F***ERS of Pow! Negro.

As a culturally and musically diverse group, we wanted a name that was representative and reflective of everyone and feel this new identity encapsulates us as a whole.”The group played their last shows as POW! Negro back in June 2018, telling fans they were “in a state of metamorphosis”.“Pow wasn’t meant to be anything more than a couple of gigs,” they said.“A few boys who made music for themselves turned into POW! Negro playing music around Australia. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for the overwhelming support you have all given us. We love you all.”

Band Members
Toby Batchelor – Bass,
Lachlan Dymond – Guitar & Sampling
Rhys Hussey – Guitar & Drums,
Chris Young – Guitar & Keys
Kaprou Lea – Sax,
Nelson Mondlane – MC, Tomfoolery