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At the age of 21, the Australian-Japanese producer is making waves on the global music scene, with past collaborations including Ruel, Max Frost, SACHI, Thomston, Stellie, and A.GIRL. Dubbed by Pilerats as “one of Australia’s most exciting [songwriters]” his creative contributions have amassed over 130 million plays on Spotify, with past credits including Money Problems by Max Frost and the ARIA-platinum certified Younger by Ruel.

Taka Perry’s debut single Introspect was released in July 2019, before securing its place as the TV spot music for Channel 7 miniseries Secret Bridesmaids Business. His follow-up single Kuruna was released in August 2019, which features Japanese hip-hop artist JP THE WAVY. His latest single ’21 Orbits’ sees him teaming up with Yaw and yergurl.

Wunderkind music producer and multi instrumentalist Taka Perry really is in a league of his own.

At the age of 19, his production career has taken him across multiple territories, with past collaborations including Thomston, KLP, Lanks, Mallrat, Woodes, SACHI, J Hart (Usher, Justin Bieber) and Max Frost.

Equal parts organic and electronic, his production has the foundations to get you moving, but the creativity to stop you in your tracks, transport you somewhere entirely unexpected, and then throw you right back where you began. All without a moments notice.

Not content with a slew of production projects in the pipeline, as well as his own releases, Taka will also be taking his own remixing masterclass alongside Muto and Kuren at this years EMC.

“I love heavy hip-hop tracks and urban stuff with 808’s, so that’s really started to come across in my music. But because of my Japanese heritage, I also like to use more ethnic and organic instruments instead of just synths and electronic sounds.”