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Terminal Illness is a sydney crew originally from the western suburbs . Consists of Case, Illergic, Dj Maniak, and other dudes sort of drop in for it alot, skope is one.
They have two releases, Padlock Ya Heads and Terminal Illness, not to mention other releases from the fwp crew that dont get around much.  Case has done alot of stuff, including the first oz wax just us – combined talent.  definitely pick the albums up if you like banging loud hiphop.

Also one of the best live shows i have ever seen.

Where abouts in the west are T.I based?

We’re based around the penrith area(im still in Arncliffe but i’ll be a westsider once again very soon)-Like St.Clair,Penrith areas like that…I grew up in Mt Druitt
Who does FWP as a collective consist of?

F.W.P consists of MC’s from Sydney,Newcastle and Canberra.In the crew we got Case,DJ Maniak,Skope,Quest,Tommy Rock,Think and Myself Illergic in Sydney.Tunz and 2retz in Newcastle and Axe in Canberra
When will the new EP from T.I be out?E.P/album will be dropping very soon.Still to decide a title but we’re lookin at early 2003
Are there copies of these ‘other releases’ that aktule mentioned floating around?, and if so where can I get my mits on them?pick up both albums on doublebeef records bruz

Apparently ” case aint doing nothing with oz hip hop anymore.  mentor apparently went into heavy metal music and i havent heard of him for a while.
terminal illness is pretty much illergic and dj maniak now and fwp is goneskis

By the way, is that true that Case is in jail now?

  • Appeared on Culture of Kings Vol. 2 Released in 2002