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Dj Sheep, Dj Damage & Finatik

All Out War was the debut E.P from the Australian DJ crew Terntable Jediz. DJ’s SHEEP, FINATIK and DAMAGE brought together some of the finest Australian hip-hop artists and teamed them alongside some of the best producers and emcees from the USA.

CELPH TITLED (MC, producer, and head-honcho of the US super-group DEMIGODZ) teams up with Melbourne’s LYRICAL COMMISSION on the albums title track. Atlanta hip-hop producer JON DOE (of the group Prophetix) teams up with Delta & Lazy Grey on the release.

“Foolish” brings a soulful-summery vibe to the table as the 2003 “Australia vs. New Zealand” emcee champion DELTA spits technical turntablist-laced rhymes about the Jediz crew. LAZY GREY’s “Electric Chair” will catch listeners off-guard with it’s hard intoxicating organ stabs while Brisbane’s finest emcee attacks the mic.

Melbourne producer PROWLA has conjured a lethal beat for New Jersey-based emcee SHAWN LOV. Up n comer 360, drops the final word on the release over a sinister TREM produced beat.