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The Average Aussie Band – the first Hip Hop to be released by an Australian Artist in 1983.

Sydney entertainer Dave Mason-Cox participated in a novelty project in early 1983 with cohort Don Bruner the result was called “Aussie Rap” backed with an instrumental mix called “Aussie Rap – The Dub With No Beer”.
This song would have to be one of the first attempts at making a proper Oz rap track but it certainly doesn’t have the intenseness of its American counterparts and it is filled with ockerisms and lingo only a local would get…”mum likes Kamahl dad likes Slim”…and it makes me smile everytime I hear it…especially the continued use of the phrase “get down” which becomes obvious at the end…!
It was released on vinyl 45 RPM.
Although this was, technically, the first Hip Hop released in the country, it is a Novelty Track and isn’t respected by the community or widely acknowledged as the first true Hip Hop Release.
Composition by Don Bruner & Dave Mason-Cox
This track appeared on the ‘Rap Attack’ compilation in 1985 –

In compilation 15.OZ vinyl: 15 years of Australian hip-hop on vinyl by DJ Ransom, according to the album’s accompanying liner notes (written by various leading Australian MCs), the first Australian hip hop release appeared in 1983. A novelty record entitled ‘The Aussie rap’ by the Average Aussie Band, it appears to have sunk without a trace. However, Sydney hip hop luminary Blaze (1994) regards the 1988 independent release ‘Combined talent’/‘My destiny’ by Just Us as the first “true” Australian hip hop record.  – Tony Mitchell

Instrumental of the 12 has a full bboy breakdown with the meanest bassline that didnt appear on the telmak version – J Red