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DJ Damage , DJ Katch and DJ Frenzie were members of Big Rigs in Brisbane in the mid 1990s. Big Rigs debuted at The Bomb, an FRS (Flavours Radio Show) party held in Brisbane in January 1996. They also played at Vibes on a Summers DayFestival in 1996.[8] DJ Katch, Geoff Jigzaw Boardman (who worked on Towering Inferno’s recorded material), Dave Atkins and Chris Bosley went on to form Resin Dogs in 1996.[9] DJ Frenzie mentioned Big Rigs in an interview with The Late Show in 2011, saying that,

“We were doing 6 turntable routines in clubs in the mid 90s. I don’t think any one else was doing that kind of thing in Australia at that time”.