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Perth locals Matthew Yelland and Zac Whelan joined forces in 2015 to help cure the world of the devastating lack of originality in the music industry today. Their goal… to release good tunes that make your head nod without all the yeeetin and skeeetin bulls***. After their first release “Feel the Love” dropped in 2015 and gained nothing but praise from their peers the duo released their first full length EP “Excuse for Use Vol. 1”. After performing a few shows and getting a taste of what the music industry had to offer off the back of the release, Matt and Zac dropped “Am I Weak”… and were subsequently given the opportunity to support local heavy weights “Downsyde” for there “ClassicILL” album launch in 2017. This really gave Matt and Zac the push they needed and not long after did the idea for “WHAM” arise.
After almost a year of no content being released from the Perth duo, their most recent full length EP dropped, WHAM. Needless to say, after a painstaking 6 months of working in Gawrila’s home studio while working in and out of each others busy as f*** schedules, the pair were satisfied enough with there efforts to make the release happen. With WHAM combining Matt’s clever and hypnotising word play and Gawrila’s left of field sampled based production, this EP is some of there best work to date. Definitely keep an eye out for more upcoming events and releases from these guys if your a keen Hip-Hop head who likes a bit experimentation… to be continued.