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The Manhattan Project is an exciting new hip-hop collective exploding out of Perth, W.A. Having recently re-formed, with the addition of their newest weapon, the multi-talented, super-DJ, RichoKidd, they have finally found the missing piece to their proverbial puzzle. Originally joining forces for a string of live performances in early-2017, Demolition & Altty had been garnering a significant amount of attention as T.M.P, due to their high energy filled & explosive performances, commanding stage presence & an incredibly fun & funky sound that gets the crowd up on their feet & packing out the front row. After supporting an array of talented artists, and playing a ton of local shows together, the boys decided it was time for T.M.P to grow even stronger, and along came RichoKidd!
Now, after coming off their massively successful debut performance as the newly formed trio, T.M.P are currently working towards releasing their debut EP, as well as performing at a bunch of awesome shows across the state. With three super talented MC’s, one of which is an established DJ, and support from deep within the local hip hop community, the next 12 months is looking like a big one for these three Perth performers, who came together with the common goal of releasing incredibly dope music for the whole scene to enjoy.
Before coming together to combine their individual talents, all three of these incredible artists have already made their mark on the Perth Hip Hop scene with their flourishing solo careers, just take a look at some of the huge names they’ve supported, both together and individually, during their time: Bitter Belief, Brother Ali & Atmosphere (USA), Butterfingers, Chris Webby (USA), Christian James, Cortext, Downsyde, Drapht, Dwizofoz, Futuristic (USA), Hyjak, Johnieee P, Manaz Ill, Mantra, Martian, Merculese (USA), Mr. Grevis, Omac, SMOG, Spit Syndicate, Syllabolix & a heap more! With over 100 shows under their belts combined, a performance by T.M.P is one you won’t be forgetting any time soon, if it doesn’t blow you away from the sheer force….
While currently working on a debut EP as The Manhattan Project, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some new solo music from each member of T.M.P.
The name The Manhattan Project is derived from the code name for the original Atomic Bomb design project carried out by the US Government & eventually leading to the creation of the Atomic Bomb, eventually changing the rules for nuclear warfare forever. An Atomic Bomb can potentially release the same level of energy & force as that of up to 500,000 tons of TNT. With their live performances garnering nearly the same amount of energy, and with our intent to change the shape of the hip-hop scene forever, as well as leave our mark, we have always felt that The Manhattan Project was perfect to describe us; we’re explosive, a well-kept secret & are here to change the game for good!
If you’re a fan of good local music, then make sure you catch The Manhattan Project at any one of their up-coming shows this year.
Altty | Demolition | RichoKidd