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band members
NFA (vocals), 1/6th (vocals), Kuukua Acqua (vocals), Lydia Acqua (vocals), David Marama (vocals/guitar), Simon Edwards (guitar), Zvi Belling (bass), Nui Moon (perc), Julian Goyma (drums), John McAll (keys), Ethan Hill/DJ Manchild (decks), Tristan Ludowyk (trumpet), Andy Williamson (sax), Nick Lester (sax), Declan Jones (trumpet) and Peter Slipper (trombone)
Fela Kuti
unearthed artists we like
Chantal Mitvalsky, The Cactus Channel, ILLZILLA, LABJACD
Inspired by the infectious afro-beat music of Nigeria and its neighbours, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra delivers contemporary African funk to Australian dancefloors. This mammoth ensemble comprises up to twenty musicians hand-picked from Melbourne’s African, jazz & hip-hop scenes. The experience and creativity of these established musicians energises the group’s original compositions and the sound of the entire band is a force to be reckoned with. The afro-beat movement of the 60’s and 70’s is making a resurgence worldwide in live venues and clubs alike. The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra combines these North African rhythms with hip-hop which has recently become a major force in Australian music and culture. The group is the brainchild of Zvi Belling, Ethan Hill (DJ Manchild) and Tristan Ludowyk who are long time friends and musical collaborators, each with vast and diverse musical backgrounds to draw upon. The band directors recently travelled to Africa to promote the new single and recorded with African hip hop stars Tumi (South Africa) and Modenine (Nigeria). These artists will feature on the band’s upcoming debut album, which will be accompanied by a 12” vinyl release. The band’s current single is “Future Africa” features N’fa and 1/6th and was recorded and mixed by Andy Baldwin in New York.