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Inner west Sydney based Funk collective ‘The Regime’ is swiftly and surely becoming the name that’ll have young Sydney Folk throwing their itchy daytime suits and ties into a giant bonfire (Corroboree style), out the front of Town hall, in liberation of their forcedly monotonous existence…Dancing naked around the corporate inferno, the young captives will proclaim their emancipation in joyous cries of funky-buoyant exuberance and fun loving elation…‘The Regime’, once falsely disseminated and cunningly propagated by the devious, cold blooded lizard humans, is redefined…Finally giving sovereignty to the power of love.
“Slippery fucking funk fuckers blowin’ minds with funk soul crimes of badassery sexiness and rhymed line sublime. The Cajun in the Gumbo, and the Kaffir in the Dahl – this is an outfit to watch out for. Watch them dissolve modern musical barriers with a wall of sight, sound and colour; The Regime need to be tasted. So good it’s a wonder its legal…. the best fun you’ll have standing up, and it wont be long til your lying down, spread eagled letting the funk probe deep into your motherlovin’ soul.” – Cameron Moah Fahey

(L-R) Rory Leezy Jose Eli Keggles Jazz Ziggy Ally Andrew Miki Danny Matt