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“The first ever true Hip-Hop release was back in late 1988 with JUST-US and their independently pressed “Combined Talent/My Destiny”. Musically it relied on 808 beats, 303 bassline, heaps of impressive scratching and Aussie accents. Undoubtedly a classic and very indicative of the sound of the western suburbs in Sydney at that time. This was followed up a couple of years later with a 6-track EP “Voice of the Hunted” on CENTRAL STATION RECORDS which included their popular track “Stinging In The Rain”. Unfortunately DJ CASE left for Malta and MENTOR ventured into metal.” –

Also included on the 15 Oz Vinyl (15 Years of Australian Hip Hop) compilation, mixed by DJ Ransom.

Case from Just Us is now the head of Funnel Web Productions and part of Terminal Illness, a group set to release its third album in 2003. In a recent rhyme he recalls: “Why were we called Just Us? Because there was just us.”