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Thanks to VICE Australia for having us, once again I want to reiterate that we don’t condone any criminal activity, understand that it is a small minority misbehaving and our community is working tirelessly to solve the issues that are occurring, however we absolutely REFUSE to have our whole community vilified over the actions of the few. To my community- we are in a position where people, media and certain politicians are preying on our downfall, you have people out here fighting day and night for you, don’t make it harder for them.
“You guys are making people fear us for no reason,” he said. “You’re making people look at us like we’re monsters. We’re just like anyone else. We have dreams, we have aspirations, we have hardworking people that are trying to change their lives.
“By you guys continuing to spread this agenda, you’re pretty much destroying these people’s future and their reputation.
“I’m not going to let that happen anymore. It’s over for that. We’re going to start fighting back, we’re going to make sure we protect our community and our image.
“When you are one the most prevalent media sources in Australia, what you say affects millions of people, and it seems Channel 7 doesn’t care about that. They’re just trying to scare the general populous.
“We are going to fight back. We’re going to protest until we get an apology … We have allowed them to diminish our whole reputation. I’m not going to allow Channel 7 to bully my people, make money off it, keep on pushing this bulls**t agenda.
“I think it’s time to stop with the whole ‘African gangs’ approach. You guys are feeding ignorance. You’re giving people lies to feed their belief that we’re somehow lesser beings.
It’s been three years and enough is enough.
“We’re going to start holding you guys accountable for your actions. If that means we have to continuously protest and pretty much declare war on Channel 7, a verbal war, a war on rights, then that’s what we’re going to do.”