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They say ‘great men choose to let their lives be governed by their passion, rather than fall powerless at the mercy of their circumstances’. This tenacious spirit of dedication has been the lifeblood of success for every artist since the dawn of music’s history.
S.O.X, aka Tinashe Soko, is no different; this highly acclaimed story teller speaks volumes every time he steps up to the mic. Any mic. Driven by the need to share his story and to rock the crowd in the process, S.O.X is an emcee with wisdom and understanding beyond his years. This coupled with empathy for his audience and a respect for what they hear and feel, make him an artist worthy of every fine music connoisseur’s attention.
Growing up in Harare, Zimababwe was never destined to be easy. But the ‘easy’ things in life very rarely shape us or pre-determine our successes. S.O.X – the emcee, the artist, the song writer, the story teller, the trail blazer – chose to walk the path less travelled and refused to abandon his first love – music.

“I come from a music-loving family, working class one, my brother is a deejay but not a musical family.” S.O.X reminisces, “When i was young my older brothers and sisters used to blast music loud. So did my parents. We always had big parties and dancing competitions in my house.”

Every great artist needs a creative influence or inspiration. S.O.X was schooled in those early days in his African classroom – not just on reading, writing and arithmetic, but tutored in the foundations of musical prowess.

“I got started in primary school; i used to sit next to a girl and a guy that used to write as well. We used to feed off each other’s energy. I was 11, i also wrote a movie script with the other guy who I started writing with. I also used to press play, stop and rewind – writing down lyrics from Biggie, 112, Tupac and Shabba from my brother’s and sisters’ tapes. My influences were Nas, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Craig David, Westlife, Jay-Z, Leonard Dembo, Kanda Bongo Man. Pretty much any type of music” says S.O.X.

These early days of mastering his craft amidst very limited resources blessed S.O.X with an innate ability to seize opportunity. He now resides in Perth, Western Australia – fresh out of University studies in Accounting.
In accounting, precise calculation is paramount; the music industry is no different. S.O.X is reminded daily of the many blessings that fill his life within his new environment. Although he now lives in another continent, his heart and soul will forever be African and his dreams of success and achievement will always be as big as those he dreamed in his early days in Harare. His stage is still the same – the world. And his audience is still the same – you.

“I rap because i love it. I love to give people my story and express it through music. The only reason i rap is because i don’t have great vocal ability – otherwise i would be singer. I just love making music”