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solo artist & member of Improwise, and, Booze Bastards, and, Hired Goons

Tornts represents the badlands of Melbourne, Australia and was the first artist to be signed to underground and highly respected label Broken Tooth Entertainment in late 2002. A producer and rapper, he is one of the founding members of the HIRED GOONS crew. He has featured on and worked with the most respected names in the Australian hip-hop scene, either on production, verses or live shows. Tornts unique style is infamous for it’s raw aggressive style and delivery, with lyrics that are filled with descriptive imagery and real life accounts of urban decay…

This was such an important album for the local #HipHop landscape as it was such a unique and original sounding style. At the time, most Hip Hop records were influenced by funk and jazz stylings, Adding Insult To Injury helped carve out the space for MC’s and producers to be themselves and experiment with different sounds here. –
Absolute game changer & a must have for the collection of any #AustralianHipHop Enthusiast